Caity Johnstone: “Clinton Democrats are Literally Neocons”

Caity Johnstone writes: Clinton Democrats Are Literally Neocons (June 3, 2017)

Excerpt from the article:

“Literally” is one of the most misused words in the English language today, but that is not the case with the headline of this article. I am not claiming here that pro-establishment Democrats are figuratively neocons, and I do not mean to say that they are hecka-hella-kinda-sorta like neocons. I say literally because the Democratic party is now quite literally an overwhelmingly neoconservative party in every way that matters.

At the time of this writing, the so-called “March for Truth” is currently underway, a demonstration in which establishment liberals attempt to leverage Trump’s unpopularity with the left to get true leftists and progressives onboard with their Russiagate conspiracy theory. The stated goal of these demonstrations is to draw attention to their demand for an investigation into the possibility of Trump’s collusion with Russia to win the 2016 election, but it’s unclear how they plan on bringing more attention to something which already gets unlimited ad nauseum coverage on all media every single day of the motherfucking week. I’ve heard it speculated that their demands include extending the Rachel Maddow Show to six hours in length and adding an eighth day of the week for more #TrumpRussia coverage.

As these brave warriors of the McResistance don their pussyhats and prepare to project their inner childhood wounds upon an icy potato patch on the other side of the planet that they never spent any percentage of their day thinking about until less than a year ago, I am reminded of an interesting article I read a while back by award-winning investigative journalist Robert Parry titled “The Kagans Are Back; Wars to Follow”. Parry details how most members of the “neocon royalty family” Kagans moved away from their traditional allies in the Republican party as Trump knocked them down one-by-one in the last election cycle, and began aligning with Hillary Clinton and the “liberal hawks”, whose agendas aligned beautifully with their own. These elites of the neocon think tanks were already pointing their omnicidal ideology at full-fledged collaboration with Clinton and plotting ways to bring the liberal base on board with neoconservative foreign policy once Clinton and Trump emerged as the clear presidential frontrunners.

#MarchForTruth #TrumpRussia #Russiagate#Neocons#NoWarWithSyria#NoWarWithRussia

Read Johnstone’s full article: Clinton Democrats Are Literally Neocons

Johnstone says exactly what I think about the Party I voted for my whole life through 2008 (Democratic Party), and about people I know who support them today.

I’d rather vomit myself to death than be associated in any way with what Democrats have become since 2011 (Neocons). Democrats support burning down the Middle East and Africa. They support arming and funding ISIS and Al Qaeda to do that. They support war against and destruction of Arab Nations. They support putting Nazi’s in power in Ukraine, and war against Russia. They want to break Russia up into small pieces and own the pieces. In 2014 they actually tried to claim Sevastopol as a base for the American fleet.

I wonder, how many countries does the United States have to demonize and destroy before Americans ask themselves if they are the problem?

How many does it take? Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Somalia… That’s not enough yet evidently. And it seems Americans generally would have no problem adding Korea to the list (again), and China, and Iran, and Russia. I mean, they have no problem demonizing all of these, and more, already.

So what exactly is it about American people? What kind of people believe themselves to be normal and reasonable, and decent, while they’re destroying countries all over the earth one after another?

In what kind of idea framework is this accepted as normal?

I’ll take a guess, and its not hard to guess, because there are few possibilities that can explain something like this.

The answer is that Americans’ belief — in the normalcy of destroying countries and mass murdering people all over the world — is normal in no thought framework. The American mind has no framework, and has been made (through decades of psychological abuse) incapable of thought. Americans have neither framework, nor thought. It seems very clear that Americans now are unable to formulate even a single coherent thought, let alone a framework of thought. Sure there may be some individuals here and there who think, who can make a worthwhile idea and make it clear, but as a polity, as a population, as a political culture representing coherent and meaningful thought, this ability is long dead.

This death, with war and only war substituted for life, is as Orwell envisioned:

“‘Has it ever occurred to you, Winston, that by the year 2050, at the very latest, not a single human being will be alive who could understand such a conversation as we are having now?’”

We’re getting close now in 2017, to not a single person remaining who can understand this conversation. How many of the people in the photo from Caity Johnstone’s article can understand it?

Clinton Democrats are Literally Neocons

Paul Craig Roberts understands it:

I saw some American TV news tonight. A disgrace to humankind. Dereliction of duty. Avoids everything that matters, everything that the United States has to answer for in its global war mongering.

The media? No questions asked.

Instead, hours of interviews with people expert in Trump having conversations with Russians.

Paul Craig Roberts explains :

The (fascist) reality of England and the United States, Orwell previews it: , among other alternate paths, if taken. It’s clear now that Orwell’s worst case scenario has happened, what with the perpetual war, the burning down of the whole Middle East and North Africa, the installation of Nazis in Ukraine, the demonization and destruction of one country after another, the impoverishment of people everywhere including in the US…, corporate capital capture of all governing institutions, total corporate control of media, violent oppressive police state, surveillance state, All of this fascism predates Trump, and it continues ramping up, with the Democratic Party driving it.

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