Loyalty to Sanity

Here’s my demonstration of being a loyal US citizen:

I oppose current US foreign and domestic policy. Both foreign and domestic policy are broadly and in detail anti-American. They are pro-war and simply pro-sociopathic-American-Oligarch in both cases. As a loyal American I oppose these policies in whole and in part.

Regarding Russia, here is my loyal American opinion: Russia is a decent country with a decent political culture and decent leadership. Russia conducts itself in the world in a decent way based on reason and principle and respect for other people and other countries. This contrasts with US policy. For example, it is US policy, since 2014, to install Nazis in power by coup d’etat in Ukraine and to claim Sevastopol, Russia’s Black Sea Naval base since the 1700s, as base for the American (NATO) fleet.

I oppose this insanity. Being insane is not being loyal or pro-America. It’s being insane, simply.

Loyalty to sanity doesn’t fly in America today, because the Democratic Party has abandoned reason. Two articles this week describe the scene:

getting-trump-with-the-new-mccarthyism (Robert Parry)

https://sputniknews.com/politics/201705261054027015-us-draft-bill-russia/ (Sputnik)

The Democratic Party is the reason for the -end- of reason, and the end of decency, in American government and policy. Formerly, the Democratic Party was, at least partially, the voice of reason, and the voice of detente, the voice of anti-war, the voice of peace, the voice of decency, and the voice of workers. No longer.

NOW the Democratic Party is the opposite of all those things. It is the voice of war, the voice of propaganda 24/7, the voice of mindless hysteria, the voice of demonization, the voice of regime change imperial colonial war, the voice of extremism throughout all the middle east and africa. Despite the lying lip-service; it is the voice of Al Qaeda and ISIS, the supplier of arms and money to salafist extremists all over the world, the voice of Nazis in Ukraine, the voice of McCarthyist anti-Russia hysteria and the voice of US aggression far more dangerous than during the cold war, the voice of regime change IN RUSSIA! Democrats are the voice of mindless psychotic war mongering freaks, the voice of endless war of aggression, the vile voice of lies, and death. Democrats are also the voice that abandoned workers decades ago. The Democratic Party is the voice of oligarchy and sociopathy. Despite lip service to education and healthcare (and anything else that matters to people) it’s taken the position of Wall Street instead in every case for decades.

Gorburger ( T.J. Miller) explains https://youtu.be/vFctG5-TKoM?t=4m27s “Explain the American Government”

I guess according to the American government (see Robert Parry’s article), T.J. Miller must be a Russian agent, wittingly or unwittingly.

What a pile of shit such ideas are. Championing such ideas, the Democratic Party makes itself a pile of shit, a Party of Shit.

So for example, as a loyal American, I opposed our war of aggression against Libya, in 2011 when it happened. Russia did nothing. Here is some good analysis, since the war, which explains why I was right to oppose this American war against Libya http://www.belfercenter.org/publication/lessons-libya-how-not-intervene by Alan Kuperman.

Is Alan Kuperman of the Harvard Kennedy School a Russian agent? He opposes American policy; he must be a Russian agent!

Here’s the so called “loyal American” (sociopathic) view of American war of aggression; you support it, cheer it, laugh, clap your hands: https://youtu.be/mlz3-OzcExI

I opposed the war on Libya, from its beginning. Not because of Russian opinion. Russia did not act in opposition to America’s war against Libya.

Likewise I oppose our heinous crime against humanity war against Syria. I opposed this since we began the war, also in 2011. We’ve waged economic war (sanctions) and media war against Syria since 2011, and we’ve waged military war by proxy against Syria since 2011. We’ve armed, paid, trained and directed a proxy army that we task with regime change war in Syria. I opposed this from the beginning. The Russian response came 4 years later, in 2015.

My opinion on Syria predates the Russian position by 4 years. So the likelihood that Russia and Putin are influenced by me (rob snyder) is far greater than the likelihood that I’m a (witting or unwitting) dupe of the Kremlin.

Russia follows my opinions and beliefs; not the other way around.

I speak out against American war of aggression, as an American, no matter who agrees or doesn’t agree with me. I couldn’t care less who agrees or doesn’t. These 21st century American wars of choice and aggression are wrong no matter who agrees or disagrees. If any other countries or people happen to agree with me, if Russia agrees with me, then Russia agrees with me. Period. It’s my opinion, my belief, my values, my moral judgement. And I’m not going to change my position to a position that favors crimes against humanity and war of aggression, when Russia agrees with me that a secular, gender-equal, non-sectarian, socialist, modern society like Syria, is worth defending against a salafist terrorist proxy invasion armed, paid, trained, and directed by the US, and NATO, and Saudi Arabia.

I believe this Syria, the one documented in these interviews in Syria in 2016 https://youtu.be/EhL8D0wYevo?t=13m16s (excerpted at 13min16seconds; back up and watch the whole 18 minutes of interviews in Syria in 2016) is worth defending from extremists who murder those who don’t adopt their narrow sectarian brand of religion, and chop the heads off of women who go shopping without their husbands. Therefore I support these Syrian people, their society, their government, their President (Assad) whom Syrians elected again overwhelmingly in 2014, their army which defends them, and their allies, which help defend them against a heavily armed foreign-funded terrorist invasion proxy army of the US.

I oppose US war policy in Syria in whole and in part. And this is the loyal American thing to do, to oppose crimes against humanity wars of aggression. Supporting current US policy in Syria is un-American, in every way at every level.

There are some voices of sanity left. Here’s one: https://blackagendareport.com/war_party%27s_endless_propaganda

Here’s another: https://gowans.wordpress.com


And another: https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/you-only-hate-assad-because-your-tv-told-you-to-5e3c9a9d17f9 


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