There is something that’s hard to notice for many people. I think it’s because we’re taught by the media something fundamental. We’re taught that it’s always TEAM. Team Team Team Team Team. Team is all that matters. My Team. Your Team. This idea is the worst of all possible ideas. Because when it takes root in the mind, then no information about the behavior of MY TEAM, can even enter my mind, no matter how insane MY TEAM becomes. When my team changes and runs way off the rails, I can’t process that information because I’m pre-wired to think only about My Team versus Your Team.

This idea has to be rooted out of the mind, or we’re all doomed.

The Democratic Party since 2011 have become more pro-war than Dick Cheney, more racist fascist, more pro-ISIS (though pretending not to know that we arm and pay, train and direct them as our proxy army), more in favor of mass murdering the entire Middle East and Eastern or all of Europe, than anyone in The Tea Party ever imagined in their wildest wet dreams.

(Repeat) This change is something that’s very hard to notice, for many people.

Seeing this happen, since 2011, has sealed the deal for me. I see no value in knowing people, in general. Their thoughts are an absolute zero. I’m a misanthrope.


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