all the imperial terror inflicted on the Middle East the past 15 years

By Dave Ray

Terrorist attacks are not the cause of more Middle East occupation and intervention. Terrorist attacks are the result of more Middle East occupation and intervention. When are people gonna wake up to the fact that violent, illegal, imperialistic intervention into the domestic affairs of sovereign nations without any invitation or authorization is the single most dangerous issue facing the world today? It’s not the fake stories about Trump passing secrets to the Russians or whether he ate at a Russian restaurant in 1986 or whatever they’re saying now like the propaganda Washington Post and Time magazine would like you to believe. It’s not the artificial depiction of Assad butchering his own people in Syria like the propaganda New York Times and CNN would like you to believe. It’s not Iran or North Korea like the propaganda Trump would like you to believe. The main cause of danger in the world today is imperialistic intervention, as practiced most often by the smiling faces of the military-industrial board of directors and intelligence agencies who control the policy and media of the most powerful Western nations.

Think about it. The amount of terrorist attacks has pretty much been directly proportional to the amount of foreign intervention there’s been. The refugee crisis, the huge displacement of peoples and destruction of families, the radicalization of Muslims, and subsequent nonstop litany of terror attacks can all trace their roots to the fact that foreign countries invaded their land (in one guise or another), bombed their cities, killed their families, installed a puppet leader, looted their resources, then left the place a mess. To any objective onlooker it seems as clear as day that in order to put an end to this terror, imperialistic countries must stop initiating the terror and get out of the countries where they’re not wanted post-haste. This needs to be the numero uno issue people demand of their respective governments. End the intervention. Stop letting huge chunks of the taxes you pay go to ridiculous imperial aggrandizement and the war profit greed of the unelected power structures behind the White House or Whitehall or wherever.

Is it supposed that terror attacks happen in a vacuum without rhyme or reason? Is it supposed that Islam as a religion should be blamed? Why aren’t more people aware and angry about the real cause behind all this terrorism? The reason, as many people have come to understand, is the media. The mainstream corporate elitist media which presents a purposefully false reality and dictates what they want their readers to pay attention to. The media which is anything but free and independent and 100% serves the interests of the “Deep State”. The military-industrial complex, the fossil fuel lobby, the central bankers, and the intelligence community. These unelected decision makers need a state of perpetual war otherwise they are out of business and the economy goes poo poo. A large part of the American economy basically being a giant Ponzi scheme in which more and more wars and more and more military spending is necessary to prop it up. The mainstream media, being a branch of this deep state, makes sure the public is on board with never-ending military adventures and ridiculously astronomical military budgets by always keeping some fake enemy in front of their faces and/or distracting them with sensational insignificant nonsense. This is why the ONLY time the media had anything good to say about Trump was when he illegally bombed the sovereign state of Syria over unproven and uninvestigated claims of a government gas attack.

The recent terrorist attack in Manchester was heartbreaking. As all the numerous terrorist attacks of the past few years have been. As all the imperial terror inflicted on the Middle East the past 15 years has been. The number one thing people need to speak up against now is to End The Intervention. Stop letting this happen in your name. Stop allowing the mainstream propaganda media to dictate reality to you. End the intervention and watch how the world will immediately start to improve.

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