Political Views

When I joined Facebook in 2009 I filled in the “religious and political views” fields like this:

Religious Views:
Respect most (see political views)

Political Views:
I avoid bigotry

Up until 2016 I was using Facebook to share beach photos and whatnot. Last year I started talking about my political views. This prompts some old friends to say that I’ve “turned the corner” (that I’m beyond the pale now). But my views remain consistent with what I wrote in 2009. The political party options and policies in the United States, since 2011, leave such simple principles entirely unwelcome, which should tell you something about the political party options and policies in/of the United States.

I saw somebody writing on Facebook today about fascism. To which I’m compelled to say:

Yeah, like arming and paying ISIS and al Qaeda to burn down the whole Middle East and Africa, thats not fascism. Installing Nazis in power in Ukraine, not fascism, claiming Crimea for the US military in a land grab by coup (Feb 2014), not fascism, demonizing Russia and preparing to invade Russia, not fascism, a corporate takeover of everything, not fascism, a surveillance state, not fascism…

This is the reason that no sane person can support the Democratic Party. The US put Nazis in power by coup in 2014 in Ukraine, claimed Sevastopol and Crimea for the American NATO Navy and the rest of Ukraine for American military control, but this is called “Russian aggression”. Likewise the US arms and pays ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorist fundamentalists to overthrow Syria’s secular, non-sectarian, gender equal, socialist society. That makes the US, again, the absolute evil, the aggressor. Russia is helping Syria defeat the US-backed terrorist proxy invasion. Listen to Syrian women, in Syria, in 2016, explain it for you: Syriennes

http://rense.com/general37/char.htm  Here are the well known 14 defining characteristics of fascism. OK, we’ve got all of those well covered in the US.

Also today, here’s an important article by Aidan O’BrienThe Extremists Did Win in France

“The world has changed a lot in the last 15 years. In the race to kill all the people and to kill all the planet liberalism has overtaken fascism. Right now it’s liberalism rather than fascism which is the greatest danger facing humanity. () Make no mistake about Macron: he is a nihilistic imperialist.”

Likewise, yesterday from Margaret Kimberley’s blog:  Democratic Party Death Spiral

Paul Street on Facebook today wrote:

My recent reflections to a good left academic: I think maybe you can cultivate some folks as a teacher…..students sometimes still have partly open minds. After age 30, it’s over. There is simply nothing to work with or cultivate with liberals here in Iowa City. —- Less than zero. They are unreachable. Their hatred of the white working class and rural population beyond big blue campus town walls helps keep them mired in this bizarre lingering ObamaLust. I do sometimes engage some of the younger folks here but the older and professional class people are locked in with a binary mindset: Dems good, Republicans bad. Okay if an Obama bombs a country. Bad if a Republican bombs a country. Bad if a Republican bails out Wall Street. Okay if a Dem does. Bad if a Republican is mean to the Black underclass. Okay if a Dem is. Just fill in the story with the capitalist, imperialist, and racist crime of your choosing. It’s the same deal. It’s that pathetic.

From Glen Ford’s blogJail Obama and Trump for War Crimes

And from John W. WhiteheadThe FBI Silent Terror of the Fourth Reich

All of these articles today, perfectly consistent with my religious and political views:

Religious Views:
Respect most (see political views)

Political Views:
I avoid bigotry

And all opposed completely to the political parties and policies on offer in the United States today.

We have had the illusion that one of the parties (Democrats) have stood in opposition. In the past there were times when the illusion could be partly justified with evidence. Now the democrats are not opposition but full partners in crimes against humanity wars of aggression and the ruin of working people by all other means. There is no opposition left. The only thing left is this illusion of opposition, an illusion completely baked-in to a huge number of Democratic Party voters. I was one myself my whole life until 2012. I quit after our destruction of Libya and proxy war on Syria (2011). Then 2014, my God

I thought I was done with this post but now this: RussianForeign Minister Lavrov Makes US Press Look Stupid with this Simple Reply (video)

Well Lavrov has a completely correct reaction to the US press. The US press IS completely stupid; it completely misses the point in every case. It doesn’t do it’s job, ever. Not the job of journalism. What it does is the job of inducing hyperventilating, and the constant spewing of pentagon pro-war psy-ops and overt cheerleading for American crimes against humanity wars of aggression worldwide. ANY sane reasonable person from any country including from the US should have the same reaction as Lavrov: disgust. The fact that many (most?) Americans don’t have the same reaction is simply testament to their (in)sanity. Here’s the definition of “sane” from Merriam Webster:

“sane”: mentally sound; especially : able to anticipate and appraise the effect of one’s actions

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