These wars don’t require any micro-analysis

by Rob Wilkinson

Q: Why do you think Putin and Assad are “bad guys”?

A: “Because they bomb people.”

Q: Who says they bomb people?

A: “The news.”

Q: Why do you believe what the news tells you?

A: “Because they report the truth!”

Q: How do you know it’s the truth?

A: “Because they wouldn’t lie!”

You’re right. I’m sure that would never happen.

If you find yourself in an argument about who the “good guys” are following the laying-to-ruins of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria:

These wars don’t require any micro-analysis. The US has set a precedent for invasions, false flags, flimsy pretexts and just about any other thing it stands accused of currently — a precedent so concrete that the steady drip of propaganda cannot erode it. In a very dirty way, corresponding with “realpolitik” and actual published strategy by people like Brzezinski, it makes absolute sense for us to assume a superpower would behave in this way. People act like it’s a fucking conspiracy theory but that, all by itself, is outlandish thinking which does not even attempt to match the reality of recent history.

Don’t justify sanity to someone who doesn’t have a functioning long-term memory. It is now a sign of nothing else but intelligence to reject what the news tells you.

It is clear to millions of people that the corporate news media does not CARE about evidence. That is NOT how it works. These voices operate via nothing more complicated than simple repetition.

It is how school works. It is how the news works. Repetition, repetition, repetition. You can never hope to use reason on a mind which has been subjected to endless repetition via state-ordained media for every hour of every day of its existence.

You might as well play Beethoven at a football match.

They’ll reject what you say because you’re telling them circles and triangles, but their brains are squares and rectangles. You COULD point out the massive stacks of evidence extending up into outer space — yes, indeed you could. But that’s triangles. It won’t compute.

If you have a brain and are exposed to mainstream education, mainstream music, mainstream news, mainstream cinema, mainstream fashion — you’ll know very well the flavour of it. Pornography as art wedded to music and sold to children, the next generation of consumers with a grip on the new normal. They will work for the sake of working, shop for the sake of shopping, expose their own children to the worst garbage on TV and they will be completely insane.

This is how it works. It makes absolute sense for us to assume the state would sanction this. The state likes getting on about its business and not being questioned. Not even a theory — just obvious, at this late hour.

You will see armies of little wannabe-lawyers and posturing intellectuals who are so obsessed with the puppet-theatre political bullshit that they forgot it was theatre. These robots could tell you what the Prime Minister has for breakfast but they couldn’t draw a picture of a lemming.

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