broken logic that any 6 year old can dismantle


I know I’m supposed to understand this, but I have to be honest. I don’t.

I think at the core of it, the belief most central to such people is the belief that whatever country they are from, or whatever language they speak, or whatever flag they’re born under, or whatever Party they vote for, or whatever leader they believe in, or whatever TV network they watch, or whatever newspaper they read, that all of these things HAVE to be decent and moral and just and good, for no reason other than that THEY know these things. These are the things that THEY know. 

This is a narcissistic belief. It’s a belief based on being obsessed with one’s self. The “logic” goes like this: “I’m good and decent; therefore the things that I know, those things also are good and decent, like me.” No matter the evidence.

This is an unfounded irrational belief, set up on broken logic that any 6 year old can dismantle. Put these facts together and you find that it’s the worst of all possible kinds of beliefs. It begs the question: are human beings even capable of decency?

Angelis Dania says:

With the rise of independent media outlets and the spread via social media of information that challenges the mainstream narratives, the number of people who believe in the humanitarian pretenses and posturing of the US government and other imperialist nations is rapidly dwindling. You would think that this would necessarily and proportionally translate to reduced support for US “humanitarian” intervention, however that is not the case.

This is due in no small part to the below concessions, which have been hard won by our imperialist overlords, thanks to thousands upon thousands of hours of dedicated work, and literally tens of billions of misappropriated dollars, mostly from our taxes:

I agree that the US/NATO imperialist coalition is actively instigating aggression and war against other nations for regime change and resource theft, but…

  • “Everyone is guilty”
  • “The leaders/governments/armies of the nations under attack are just as bad, or worse.”
  • “The reports aligned with or justifying US interventionism are accurate.”
  • “The agencies and outlets churning out the intervention aligned reports are reliable, and/or independent.”

This is the last cordon keeping us corralled in with the rest of the flock that is used to manufacture consent for continued and expanded war. So if you’re still stuck in that section, then by gaining a better understanding of how demonisation of “the enemy” supports the war, the cordon becomes less taut and easier to lift, and by losing a little ego, it becomes easier to admit that you’ve been deceived, so you can bend down from your position to walk under that rope.

P.S. Forgive the below Morpheus quote, but it’s so often applicable.

Andy Cook commented:

I think a lot of it, like a whole lot, is the indoctrination children receive during those “formative years”. Those early imprints on the brain run the show for the rest of life unless, for those rare few, a great deal of self-study and introspection is done. . . . and who has time for that, the game is on! Or they were lucky and grew up on a farm without television and had intelligent parents.

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