“Wow, Empire!”

If for now the only choice we have is between a candidate who promotes imperial war and one who says she opposes it (Le Pen), what choice is there? The one who opposes it may be lying, but she may not be. We don’t know. We have to assume that words still have meaning. If we find out she’s lying, then our demand for the end of this series of imperial wars must increase. At no time is the answer to vote for someone who promotes the wars

By the way, I say we, but of course I’m not French so I mean we as in anyone who votes in any election in which participation in wars of American empire is an issue.

“Elections are just for show, to distract the mind-controlled masses.”

That’s true and it’s obvious now more than ever. The answer is for more and more people to demand what matters. What matters more than anything is ending the current theater of systematized mass murder, the current 16 years long series of wars of aggression. I don’t think politics can be meaningful without addressing this directly and as first priority.

The situation is that the standard political parties in the US and Europe pay and arm ISIS and Al Qaeda to destroy secular countries, while we pretend that this is not so with occasional cosmetic anti-ISIS actions. This is a farce. What we should be doing is leaving secular Arab countries in peace and stop arming and paying fundamentalist wahabi terrorists to destroy them. We should stop waging war on Islam by stopping our arming of Islamic extremists. To continue with current policies is to continue to wage mass murder against Muslims. This is unacceptable. Trump spoke correctly about this during his campaign, but since gaining office he’s so far reneged on these ideas. That does not mean that European politicians who say the same will also renege. When you have a choice between a political party and leader who promises to continue crimes against humanity, versus a party and leader who promises to stop committing wars of aggression and crimes against humanity, you have to choose the latter and continue demanding the end of US wars of aggression. If a political party lies, wins election, and then continues the crimes against humanity, then public demand for the end of these criminal wars has to increase. But voting for a party that promises to continue participation in wars of aggression, that’s never the answer.

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, American Neocon Imperialism Leads the World Into Dante’s Vision of Hell, write:

“Black propaganda is all about lying. Authoritarian governments lie regularly. Totalitarian governments do it so often nobody believes them. A government based on democratic principles like the United States is supposed to speak the truth, but when the U.S. government’s own documents reveal it has been lying over and over again for decades, the jig is up.

Empires have been down this road before, and it doesn’t end well. Americans are now being told they should consider all Russian opinion as fake and ignore any information that challenges the mainstream media and U.S. government on what is truth and what is the lie. But for the first time in memory, Americans have become aware that the people Secretary of State Colin Powell once called “the crazies” have taken the country over the cliff.

The neoconservative hitmen and hit-ladies of Washington have a long list of targets that pass from generation to generation. Their influence on American government has been catastrophic, yet it never seems to end.”

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