Remember that time Putin did a coup d’etat in Virginia, and installed the KKK in power, and claimed Norfolk, Virginia as home to the Russian fleet? Huh. I don’t remember that either.

The analogy is on target.

Some details could be added. For the situation to be historically symmetrical, Virginia would have become an independent nation in 1991 (as Ukraine did), by treaty agreed to by the United States. Part of the foundation of Virginia as an independent nation would have been an additional treaty establishing the long term lease of the United States’ most important Naval Base, Norfolk, which the US would lease from Virginia, with annual payments made to Virginia. From there the analogy would continue with 5 billion dollars worth of Russian investment in Virginia regime change groundwork, coup planning, and coup implementation. On day 1 after the coup in 2014, the KKK in Richmond, now installed in power, would outlaw the English language, mandating some dialect instead, and also on day 1 would announce intent to renege on the Norfolk base lease treaty with the United States. This would be backed with Russian military occupying Virginia, making good on the years prior stated intent on the Russian side to bring Virginia into a Russian military alliance.

The comparison is apt. The KKK is a fringe, racist, extremist, violent political entity that exists in Virginia, and cannot win state wide elections. Ukrainian Nazism is a mirror in precisely those terms. The US in 2014 took a fringe, violent, racist, extremist entity that never came anywhere close to winning national elections in Ukraine, and put them in power. There is absolutely no conceivable scenario in which ethnic Russians in the east will consent to rule by such people, and there is no conceivable scenario in which any Russian government or leader would acquiesce to a handover of Crimea to NATO.

The analogy posits that Russia would artificially elevate a fringe entity, the KKK, to national office, exactly as the United States elevated fringe Ukrainian Nazis to power in Ukraine, to create a US client state under control of the US military (NATO). And in reality, in the actual real world, this elevation of Ukrainian Nazis by the US has been going on for many decades, was a priority Cold War project with plenty of resources, and culminated in the 2014 coup. The analogy is, further, symmetrical, because the hypothetical analog scenario has to involve territory that for centuries has been integral to the US, and of primary importance, and in 1991 peacefully spun off as independent. Virginia is a good choice, a closest near-equivalent to Ukraine in relation to Russia. The analogy also relates Norfolk, Virginia, the US Navy’s largest Naval Base, to Sevastopol, Russia’s strategic position on the Black Sea which it’s held since before the United States existed, and the only warm water home of Russia’s fleet.

A Facebook friend, Mats Mehrstedt, adds:

“The only thing I would like to add to this analogy is that Philadelphia should have been the capital of Virginia and the United States was founded there, more than 1000 years ago…..”
American wars of aggression spanning the entire Middle East and North Africa, coup d’etat and NATO movement into regions that for centuries have been integral to Russia, like Ukraine, claiming Crimea for the American Navy, these kinds of actions were formerly unimaginable. Until very recently in our lifetimes they would have been considered insane beyond all measure, but they are not presented this way today, as a result of US political culture that has become monolithic, with no functioning internal counter voice. Unlike during the first cold war, when voices of detente were always present in US government, in US media, today that is no longer the case. However, there are signs that sanity begins to appear again:

Why Do We Want a Cooperative Relationship With Russia?

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