A Taste of American Politics

A Facebook friend, a person I respect tremendously, Geoffrey M Young, a Candidate for US Congress (Kentucky’s 6th District, Democratic Party), says,

“Please contact this FB group, Indivisible Bluegrass (Indivisible in the Sixth). They just kicked me out for posting articles about wars in Syria, Yemen, and Libya that disagree with the mainstream media reports. They believe in the fake “Russia-gate” issue and absolutely refuse to discuss the problem of Trump’s war crimes & his threats to kill again, which are the biggest reason to impeach him today.”

That’s a fair sample of American “politics” today, among Democratic Party voters. Some discussion followed the post.

“Shame on you, Geoff. I think it’s the Republicans pushing toward war, Geoff,” someone said.

But that’s a shame. A real shame. Geoff is the last decent man standing in Kentucky, or one of maybe 10 or so. The shame is on everyone who blinds themselves to the fact that since 2011, the Democratic Party (I’m a life long Democratic voter) has out-Cheneyed Dick Cheney on war mongering. To think otherwise is to bury your head in the sand. America is disgusting. See the video here to see the people we are destroying in Syria https://dagsljus.wordpress.com/2017/01/22/syria/

Maybe Americans can get a little bit of sense about what America is doing: suppose-some-foreign-power-x

If this is news to you, these links are useful background:

Jimmy Dore Show, 16 April 2017

A Government of Morons (Paul Craig Roberts)

Criminally Insane Capitalists (John Steppling)

So, yes, unending SHAME on the Democratic Party and anyone who follows anything it says about war, about demonizing ANY country or leader, and about economic policy. The Democrats out-Cheney Dick Cheney on war mongering, out-Friedman Milton Friedman on economics, and out-McCarthy Joe McCarthy on Russia demonization. If Indivisible Bluegrass wants to unite Kentuckians around this, then you can all unite in hell. I won’t join you, here or there.

Jeffrey Sachs’ very important article in The Boston Globe today, Our misguided ‘wars of choice’, gives the correct background and instruction, while even understating the evil that US policy has become. The Democratic Party at one time, briefly in our lifetimes, was a sober and responsible counter to Republican and CIA war mongering. As the Democratic Party has abandoned that vitally necessary role, abandoning all of us for its full embrace of heinous and serial crimes against humanity, wars of aggression, this Party is therefore THE source of evil, THE abandonment of reason, THE death of responsibility, THE end of moral life.


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