Suppose some foreign power “X”

Suppose that some foreign power, “X”, shipped hundreds of thousands of professional killer foreign mercenaries into the United States. Suppose that foreign power “X” paid those mercenaries 1500 dollars per day per mercenary. Suppose foreign power “X” armed its terrorist proxy army with munitions of war and chemical weapons. Suppose foreign power “X” tasked its mercenary army with overthrowing the government of the US. Suppose the US was a non-sectarian, secular, gender equal, peaceful, socialist country with free healthcare and education for all its people. Suppose that foreign power “X” did everything in its power to destroy the US with its proxy army of terrorist mercenaries. Suppose those terrorist mercenaries were not only professional killers, but are also loyal to ISIS and Al Qaeda, and subscribe to an ideology of chopping off women’s heads if they go shopping without their husbands and murdering anyone who doesn’t submit to their narrow brand of religious doctrine. Now suppose the US fights back against this foreign invasion of terrorists. Is the US then guilty of “bombing its own people”? What if the terrorists use chemical weapons against Americans 52 times? What if the foreign power “X” supplies its terrorist proxy army with chemical weapons, and then blames the US when the terrorists use those chemical weapons against the US? What if the foreign power “X” then bombs the United States because it blames the US for the chemical weapons used by “X”s proxy army. What kind of fucked up evil foreign power would “X” be?

In the hypothetical scenario I am completely pro-US. In the real world I’m completely pro-Syria, and pro-Assad. The US is foreign power “X”. I’m also pro-Russia. Absolutely.

More information here: Syria

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