USA to Sanction Russia for supporting Mexico

Most Americans understand nothing, so this post is a waste of time. But all other human energy is wasted by the United States, so here’s more waste.

Let’s make an analogy. Just swap Mexico for Syria.

The United States of America has for 6 years been destroying Mexico with a proxy invasion force. The US has gathered up from its database (Al Qaeda) of terrorist mercenaries, hundreds of thousands of foreigners and sent them into Mexico to destroy the country and overthrow the Mexican government.

These foreign terrorists (Al Qaeda and ISIS) are scum of the earth. Their vision for Mexico is enforced religion, they murder anyone who doesn’t follow their brand of religion. They chop off the heads of women who go shopping without their husbands.

We pay these scum $1500 a day per mercenary to terrorize and destroy Mexican society. We, the United States, arm these fuck heads with modern munitions, and even chemical weapons, which they use on Mexicans. We valorize these asshat subhumans 24 hours a day on TV and in our newspapers. George Fucking Clooney is going to star in a White Helmets movie glorifying these monstrous fucks.

Things haven’t been going so well for the US and our terrorist proxy army since Russia intervened to help Mexico in 2015. So now, in April 2017, The United States of Fucking America (“USFA”) announces it intends to sanction Russia (again) for helping Mexico. Also Iran has been helping Mexico, so the US of Fucking America is going to sanction Iran too.

Where does the USA get the idea that it can destroy a country (1), and then (2) sanction countries that help it fight against its destruction?

See the comments by Paul Craig Roberts here:

Note the shamelessness that all Western governments demonstrate time and time again. There is not one ounce of integrity, justice, morality, or respect for truth anywhere in the Western world. Western Civilization is a complete write-off. It has been replaced by total evil. Nothing but evil can be found in the West.

and here: 

Trump In Freefall Collapse

Glenn Greenwald explains the hypocrisy of the US political class and the removal of constitutional restraint on the power of the presidency. What he misses, perhaps, is the power of the Deep State. It required less than 100 days for Deep State propaganda to completely reverse President Trump’s announced policy of normalizing relations with Russia and removing the US from the Syrian conflict that Washington initiated. It is a far-fetched notion that the US has an accountable government.

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