Can The United States hold itself accountable for its Wars of Aggression?

Alexander Mercouris writes in The Duran that Obama departs, ending the most disastrous Presidency of the post-Cold War era

I found the article on Facebook. I’ve changed the way I use Facebook. When I find conversation I like, I sometimes friend request the participants. The result is that I get more exposure to conversations I’m interested in.

Stan Jacox has a knack for covering a huge array of, in my opinion, the correctly relevant points with precision. I quote here Stan’s comment after this post:

After seeing the examples of what happens when there is no planning for what happens next, when taking an aggressive unilateral move, in Iraq and other places by Bush, it is incredible that a supposedly bright guy could lack any connection to reality  and double down on the same sort of boneheaded moves. What in the hell did he (Obama) really think was going to happen after toppling a close ally of Russia, historically and culturally? Did he really assume that there would be a positive reaction by the people of the country who voted for the ousted president, and by Russia? The new cold war and chaos in the middle east, south central Europe, and north Africa were 100% his (Obama’s) and Clinton’s arrogance and stupidity. The destabilization of the EU was 100% he and Clinton’s fault, and flooding Europe with refugees rests on their shoulders also. Has any leader been so incompetent in thinking of what would the results be of rash actions? The worst part is the American people do not even know these problems were caused entirely by the US. They have been told it was Russia, Assad, China, Libya, etc fault who all out of the blue decided to cause turmoil. 90% still believe Obama was the good guy in trying to liberate Syria from a “butcher” murdering his people. 90% believe that Russia just happened to invade Ukraine for no reason so Obama had to start a cold war and ring Russia with 100,000 troops on its borders.

Bush was an idiot and crook too close to the Saudis but he was more honest and less dangerous to the world than Obama has been despite Obama having the advantage of seeing really bad examples of not thinking through actions as in Bush in Iraq. With that glaring example of the bad that comes from not thinking before acting, Obama does everything worse. Controlling the media however let Obama lie every day and be believed by the people. Propaganda dominating the print and broadcast media rose to be at the highest level of disinformation of any nation in history. The country has never been so divided and misinformed, and so evil in how it conducts business. Some legacy!

Given the unrelenting crime spree of American Wars of Aggression throughout all of the 21st century so far, one wonders what if anything can be done about it. Can The United States hold itself accountable for its Wars of Aggression? Is it possible, even conceivable anymore that the US can confine itself to legal and normalized action in the world?

Geoffrey M Young thinks there is a way, described in his post:

Whether Trump gets impeached isn’t my primary focus, & I’d suggest it shouldn’t be the peace movement’s primary focus either. What I care about is establishing the principle, for the next hundred years, that if any American president commits international aggression, they will quickly get impeached & convicted. That’s why I’ll instantly join the movement to impeach Trump if he commits aggression, and I’m likely to oppose anyone else’s movement to impeach Trump if it’s for some other reason that has nothing to do with war crimes or aggression. What, if anything, is wrong with that vision?

Just have to be clear that war of aggression includes arming and funding of 3rd parties like the terrorists we use to invade other countries by proxy like those we use to destroy Libya and Syria. To which Geoffrey says, “Yes, & the way to be sure without spending weeks studying international law is to ask how we would feel if some country did it to us.”

Public officials who support a war of aggression should face public demand to justify it. Since there is no justification, and can be no justification, for wars of aggression, officials who go ahead with it anyway should be held criminally accountable, impeached.

Geoffrey M Young“I think that applies mostly to the Executive Branch, but popular revulsion could be brought to bear against Legislative Branch neocons such as John McCain. Their careers in politics must be ended.”

Geoffrey M. Young started a Facebook group, Progressives for Peace

This group is open to everyone who wants to stop our endless, unjust wars, wind down our aggressive, destructive, worldwide military empire, and support pro-peace politicians.

Long overdue, given the unrelenting string of the last 30 years of American wars of aggression, or the last 16 years, the whole of the 21st century so far, or the most recent 8 years, the full two terms of the Obama administration, during which the campaign of global American crimes against humanity further intensified and serialized.

Progressives for Peace proposes the idea of impeachment movements against any Executive office holder conducting wars of aggression. If Trump does it, then impeach Trump. Then if Pence does it, impeach Pence, and on and on again until the wars of aggression stop.

Trump is the former candidate, now President, who campaigned in clear opposition to this long string of US interventionist regime change wars of aggression. He called every one of them a catastrophe and said that at long last they can all come to an end, and specifically he has made clear that ending these aggressions applies both in Syria and in Ukraine, and for a resultant normalizing of relations with Russia. Normalization is absolutely necessary according to any rational criteria. I discuss background of the US-Russia relationship here: Delusional Nightmare

Anyone interested in Peace and Justice should celebrate Trump’s election, and there is something very strange, twisted indeed, with supposed peace and justice activists opposing Trump when he’s the guy, one of a very lonely few including Tulsi Gabbard, who oppose American wars of aggression and propose action holding ourselves accountable and putting a stop to American war mongering aggression.

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