Obama and Clinton have done just about everything one can possibly imagine doing, in full commitment service to the oil industry, both domestically and globally with a huge expansion both domestically and globally of both oil drilling and hydraulic fracking, along with a tremendous expansion of oil-driven wars of aggression throughout the Middle East and in support of our petro client state Saudi Arabia.

That being the case, with respect to oil and climate, there will be no substantive difference between the Obama and Trump administrations, Obama’s nice words about the climate amounting to nothing.

Action is possible though. Each state in the US and each nation in the world can and should legislate a ban within a few years on the sale of all fuel burning cars and trucks. This is do-able now and would solve the problem. Legislation is proposed in Germany:  http://www.businessinsider.com.au/germany-car-ban-gas-diesel-2016-10

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