Delusional Nightmare

3 years ago next month, an important anniversary. February 2014, the month Russian state actors culminated their coup planning with the violent overthrow of the elected government of Virginia, beginning an influx of Russian armament and Russian military advisors throughout Virginia, with the operation guided by the Russian Foreign Ministry installing leaders of the KKK as heads of Virginia’s various departments of government, and establishing a Russian claim for space of military control over the whole of Virginia, including the handover of the US Naval base at Norfolk (its largest), to the Russian Navy.

Oh wait. I woke up to a nightmare in reverse. My bad.

It’s actually happening, just in reverse. It’s not Virginia overthrown by Russia; its Ukraine overthrown by the US. It’s not Norfolk Virginia handed over to Russia’s fleet; it’s the US attempt to claim Sevastopol for the American Fleet, a position held by Russia since before the US existed.

Today’s Ukraine, post-coup, is busy renaming streets in honor of WWII Ukrainians who massacred Jews with enough zeal to surprise Nazis. You could bet that John McCain is very excited about that. And Victoria Nuland. And Hillary Clinton. And the rest of the neocons who dreamed up this insanity.

Imagine living in America and the Russians helped install a government of fascists in Virginia and the first law they passed was that you could not talk in English anymore, you had to speak some kind of backwoods country Mississippi English or else you’d be fired. On day one after the coup in Ukraine 3 years ago, the first law the coup government announced was a ban on Russian language. On the same day it announced it would renege on the treaty lease of Sevastopol to the Russian Navy, home of the Russian Navy since the mid 1700s. (The long term lease was established (and later renewed) as a critically important part of the treaties establishing the foundation of Ukraine as a newly  independent nation state, in 1991.)

All of which makes the coup government unpopular among native Russians of eastern Ukraine and Crimea, and for that matter a lot of Ukrainians of western Ukraine as well. Overall, few people are satisfied with the results of the neocon neoliberalist McCain Graham Nuland Kagan Bush Obama Clinton regime change program for Ukraine.

Few Americans know anything about this, and so few will remember that the Russian response to the American coup in Ukraine — Russian acceptance of the referendum in Crimea for rejoining Russia, and native Russian resistance in Eastern Ukraine to the Nazi-dominated coup government in Kiev — is the reason for the US policy of economic sanctions against Russia, as well as the premise underlying the ever-increasing hysteria of anti-Russia rhetoric in the US.

The United States put fascists in power in Kiev in 2014, people who were before and are again waving nazi flags, wearing Nazi symbols, chanting Nazi slogans. These are people and political parties that had never come anywhere close to winning any Ukrainian national election. The US installed them in power, and now they’re busy renaming streets in honor of WWII Ukrainian Nazis who massacred Jews. A price apparently the US is willing to pay, for NATO expansion into space that has been integral to Russia for many centuries. Nothing unusual there, really. The US has long been in the business of arming fanatics for its purposes, like ISIS and Al Qaeda in Libya and Syria for example.

Regarding the US anti-Russia sanctions; I turn to Stan Jacox, an American who lives in Russia. He says:

Few people here care about sanctions, and even fewer will care in coming years as more of the NSR goes on-line and the high speed rail from the east moves further west, Russia knows the west is not where its long term economic and trade interests are. If the sanctions are lifted, the only thing that would change is more German cars will be sold in Russia which was before the sanctions, Germany’s 2nd largest customer. After a few years of their inflated prices in Rubles, sales are very poor. Fords biggest profit center of all foreign sales was Russia before the sanctions. In the mean time the esteem of Korean and Chinese cars has increased so it is unlikely Ford will ever recover the loss of that important market.

If the hard line remains as the CIA intends, the odds of the EU breaking up increase dramatically, and countries pulling out of NATO will be a probably result. The current policies have damaged the EU project forever more than hurt Russia. Again, rash illogical actions by the US neocon-influenced foreign policy has had results completely opposite of those imagined or sought. Southern Europe has little interest in keeping the same course and if they could, voters would seek to leave the EU. The relations between Russia and Greece, Spain, Italy and a few other countries have gotten better while their contentment with EU and NATO has almost disappeared. France is certainly bubbling over with anti-insanity emotions and will likely vote in a nationalist government that will spell the biggest threat to the EU and NATO to date. None of these expected results were anticipated by the US neocons when trying to isolate Russia. The US might force regime change and put troops on the streets of those countries, which would make sense to the neocons, but would assure collapse of the EU.

Expect the most irrational actions by the US that will backfire if Trump does not win the battle over control of US policy from the CIA.

Interesting times starting in less than 18 hours.

Starting now.

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