Russia is right, absolutely; the United States is wrong, absolutely

Let me say two reasons why Russia is and has been absolutely right, and the United States has been absolutely wrong. And further, let me say that the United States has been so wrong, that it is only by extreme luck that any of us are alive today.

Our luck in fact, is Russia’s stable leadership.

Here are the two reasons:

Russia is supporting, and the US is trying to destroy, the Syrian women in this video, Take a look at it, 18 minutes of interviews with people in Syria. These are the people, and this is the society, that the US is trying to destroy, and replace with a fundamentalist jihadist medievalism by arming and paying a terrorist invasion proxy army composed of ISIS and Al Qaeda and variants. I prefer Syria over fundamentalist medievalism. Syria is a secular, non-sectarian, multi-faith, modern, highly educated, and highly gender equal socialist nation state. This is FAR preferable to putting ISIS in charge, as is US policy. US policy is criminal, violates Nuremberg principles, violates all known human moral and justice principles, the makers of US policy on this are perpetrators of the most vile and gravest of crimes known to humanity. Russia is doing what it can to support the people shown in the video, the people that WE are trying to destroy. I don’t support their destruction. I support those people. I support Syria, and Putin and Russia.

The second reason is Ukraine/Crimea. 2) a less reasoned and measured and stable Russian leader than Putin, would have responded to US expansion of NATO all the way through Crimea via coup in Kiev in 2014, most likely the way the US would have responded if Russia had staged a coup in Virginia and claimed all of Virginia as space for Russian military control, including hand over of the US Naval base at Norfolk, to the Russian fleet. Such unthinkable madness would be met by an American president with nuclear war and we’d all be dead now. So thanks to Putin, we’re all alive today and talking about this now.

Now please stop with your damned asinine bullshit beliefs about both the US and Russia, and let’s see if Trump will do what he says and 1) stop arming terrorists and stop using them to do regime change (as in Syria, and elsewhere), and 2) normalize relations with Russia (and solve Ukraine via Minsk II)

If Clinton (and this Democratic Party establishment) had won the election, if Clinton did as she promised to do, then we would be at war with Russia in a matter of days. So please, knock some sense into yourself.

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    1. from the article above, “One of the Syrian eyewitnesses to the events at the beginning of this war, Jesuit priest, Father Frans van der Lugt, stated that “I have seen from the beginning armed protesters in those demonstrations … they were the first to fire on the police. Very often the violence of the security forces comes in response to the brutal violence of the armed insurgents”

      [Testimony of Father Frans van der Lugt]…/bij-defaitisme…/

      It should be critically noted that the Syrian government responded to the protests by collating the reform demands of the Syrian people, and then implementing them into legislation. Perhaps the most significant of these came in the form of a new democratic constitution that was voted in by national referendum, and which included provisions for a multi-party system and presidential elections.

      Parliamentary and internationally observed presidential elections were then held in accordance with the nationally ratified constitution, giving Syrians the opportunity to vote for a President other than Dr. Bashar Al-Assad. President Assad won the elections by a large majority, and with a voter turnout of over 70%. The independent observers of the election gave their report to the UN in New York.

      [June 2014 election results]

      [Election observers report to the UN]

      If the aim of the opposition is to remove President Assad from power, and if they claim that this is the will of most Syrians, then an independently observed election was an opportunity too good to refuse, to achieve their goal in a peaceful way.

      The opposition refused to participate in the elections, just as they refused dialogue with the Syrian government at every stage in this conflict, and refused to join the reform protesters who took part in the political process that brought about the reforms.

      When you observe the massively popular support that President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad has on the streets of Syria, it is no wonder that the opposition did not see the elections as an opportunity to achieve the US backed goal of regime-change.

      [Mass country-wide pro-Assad rallies]

      5. June 2016

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