I saw this on Facebook. Shines a light onto the mechanisms

Subject: Yugoslavia

My friend posted this. I am sharing because it is good to review how countries are destroyed AND how the propaganda at home describes it.

Usually, as in Yugoslavia or today, with Syria, we are told that those insane people over there suddenly took up arms against each other. And that the US, as the sane enforcer of Goodness in the world, needs to go over and bomb some sense back into them.

And Americans seem to believe this story, every damn time.

Origins of the breakup of Yugoslavia—a U.S. law

“A year before the breakup of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, on Nov. 5, 1990, the U.S. Congress passed the 1991 Foreign Operations Appropriations Law 101-513. This bill was a signed death warrant. One provision in particular was so lethal that
even a CIA report described three weeks later in the Nov. 27, 1990, New York Times
predicted it would lead to a bloody civil war.

A section of Law 101-513 suddenly and without previous warning cut off all aid, trade, credits and loans from the U.S. to Yugoslavia within six months. It also ordered
separate elections in each of the six republics that make up Yugoslavia, requiring State Department approval of election procedures and results before aid to the separate republics would be resumed. The legislation further required U.S. personnel in all international financial institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to enforce this cut-off policy for all credits and loans.

There was one final provision. Only forces that the U.S. State Department defined as “democratic forces” would receive funding. This meant an influx of funds to small right-wing nationalist parties in a financially strangled region suddenly thrown into crisis by the overall funding cut-off.

The impact was, as expected, devastating.” Please read more at the following link. http://iacenter.org/bosnia/origins.htm

You can imagine based on what we’ve read elsewhere, other things that went along together with that. How the US cultivated “journalism” in each of the separate republics, how the US planted division and war rhetoric into TV, radio, and print throughout the Yugoslav states. You get a taste of that story here: https://youtu.be/waEYQ46gH08

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