Goodbye forever, Democrats

I’d say it was nice knowing you but it wasn’t.

Another Washington Post “News” article today, December 10th, 2016: Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House

To which a friend on Facebook remarks: “Simply shocking.”

What exactly is shocking? You’ve completely forgotten that the NSA monitors the communications of everyone, everywhere, including foreign governments, including our close allies and everyone else? That being the case, why would you be shocked that any other nation does the same thing?

I notice though that still there is no evidence discussed, only “confidence” (belief). Further, why would we rule out that the DNC data was leaked from a DNC insider? Like the Pentagon Papers… leaked from the inside. Wikileaks is an insider leaking mechanism. After it vets for authenticity, it publishes what is leaked to it. Wikileaks is far and away the most significant public service and service to journalism, of our lifetime. We should be busy investigating what it reveals.

Wow. I read the Boston Globe article on same topic today. Democrats are out of their minds. I was a life long democrat, gone forever now, will never vote democrat again, not after 8 years of war mongering (Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen), putting nazis in power in Kiev, a NATO claim for space expanding US military control east all the way to the Black Sea through Sevastopol, a claim for space that’s been integral to Russia since before the US existed, insane beyond all measure, crazier than anything in Dr Strangelove (see note below). …Overthrow of secular peaceful socialist governments in Libya and Syria, doing so by arming and paying terrorist monsters with fundamentalist ideologies, terrorists who, thank god, are being defeated now after 6 years, by Syria’s army with the help of Russia and China.

And all of this heinous American crime is claimed by democrats as normal and just.

Goodbye forever Democrats. I couldn’t be happier than I am saying I’m done with you. Oh, and how can I forget: Democrats, the Party of New McCarthyism and reflexive Russia demonization. Shame: Neo-McCarthyism and the New Cold War

And related, on the mess of the world democrats have made and the hyper distorted lens through which they view it: Trump’s Taiwan Kerfuffle—and How the Policy Wonks Got It Wrong by our national treasure, Patrick Lawrence.

Goodbye Dems! It’s been truly lousy, and I can’t believe I stuck with you so long. Free at last now though. Free at last.

note on Dr. Strangelove: that was just one lone lunatic, though comically played by the great Sterling Hayden



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