Zippity doo dah back to Jim Crow

A (now former) Facebook friend, remarked with outrage, correctly, in my opinion, regarding Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General:

“Let’s zippity doo dah back to Jim Crow.”

Concern and even outrage about what Sessions may represent is completely justified. But the problem is, that’s just not enough.

One can ask, in the midst of outrage about Sessions,

“Any thoughts on the new Jim Crow we have now? And culpability of the Democratic Party for it? And the Clinton brand of politics role in it?”

This evokes what seems to be state of the art response among Democratic Party followers. The question is demoted to this:

“(The question) misrepresents reality on a Jeff Sessions thread, to thread-jack to an anti-Clinton jab.”

A question about today’s new Jim Crow, in response to a legitimate fear of zippity doo-dah-ing back to Jim Crow, that’s a “thread-jacking Clinton jab”.

Think about that a little more.

No. It isn’t. It’s a call for consistency and a serious look at policy (a clear look at reality). It’s a call to move beyond party affiliations, away from party flags and brands, and beyond political personas, to focus on issues that matter. It’s not about Clinton, or Trump, or Sessions. I care about none of them personally and have no relation to them. The question is not about jabbing a political persona. It’s about looking hard at things that matter, instead of lining up behind some party affiliation flag as a way of hiding.

When one says with outrage, “Let’s go skippity doo da-ing back to Jim Crow”, without recognizing the new Jim Crow reality with the same outrage, then this reveals something about the new Jim Crow. It’s accepted. It’s found to be normal, and perhaps maybe somewhat imperfect, but on the right path, and so on. This attitude of course is dangerously twisted fantasy, sick, extremely destructive, but accepted, normalized.

Here are a couple of references:

The clear fact is that we live in a heinous apartheid state. It is morally inadequate to voice outrage and indignation at the person of Jeff Sessions, while lining up in acquiescence  behind either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, both of which are profoundly culpable for the hideous status quo.

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