Republican leaders are endorsing Clinton, so if you’re Republican and you support Clinton, you stand with very substantial support alongside, like the Bush family, for example. You can say, “I’m a republican voting for Clinton; I do what the Bush family does.”

That’s different.

This election is very different in another way too. That is, it could have been, or should have been, different. The unrestrained militarism of the United States, in dropping the sledgehammer on Iraq and Afghanistan during Bush, was supposed to be an anomaly, not the start of new wars during Obama against Libya, Syria, and Russia.

And there should have been a voter repudiation of this grotesque criminality. The election should have been structured such that voters have an opportunity to think about this, and to provide some kind of a meaningful counter voice.

Well there are many excuses for the lack of this voice, but our stupidity as a people has to be counted among them.

The scope of our catastrophic militarism has reached new heights and is well on the way to breaking past any meaningful limit, and this has broad public support.

This definitively characterizes our worth, and the worth of our system.

The possibility of restoring the system seems further removed than at any time in my 50 years. There are some positive lights however. Here are some:

Former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Chas Freeman

Congresswoman (D) Tulsi Gabbard

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr

Stephen F. Cohen

Senator (R) Richard Black

Robert Parry

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