Why I won’t vote

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“I’m not proud of it, my blood lust” The Gorburger Show

With attention focused for US voters on the election for President, I’ve decided what to do with my vote. I’m waiting for ideas I can endorse with a vote. And seeing none on offer I’m holding onto it, won’t cast it.

I know. What a dolt. Nostalgic idiot: I think I should be voting for ideas. If I had a great deal more sophistication than I do, then I’d embrace our fundamental reality, that not only is Orwell’s nightmare the actual abode of our every waking and sleeping moment, but to wish otherwise is the risible lot of fools, of rabble, riff-raff, of the unwashed horde of human scum.

There I am in the midst of it. I’ve become what I’ve always been: a dullard who can’t swap up for down, wrong for right, war for peace, lie for truth, who can’t drain words of meaning, who won’t cheer for meaning itself to dissolve into nothing.

We could say that nihilism abounds, but nihilism anyway is something, and we live with less than that. It reminds me in a strange way of a joke: “without geometry, life is pointless.”

Ha, that’s funny, and here are the pointless thoughts of an irrelevant mind:

We’re voting at the national level, for policies at the national level. The particular nation within which we vote, matters. Our nation has 700 and some (or 900 and some; counting them is not straightforward) military bases around the world. And it conducts military action, around the world. And naturally so! “What’s the point of having a military if we don’t use it?”

This is not new, of course, but our military action has expanded. Over the last 15 years, there are some changes important enough to change also the character of American voting. Well, important enough that they should change the character of voting. But remember though, that’s my opinion, and I’m not very sophisticated, clinging, as I do, to nostalgic notions that words and actions mean something.

So, continuing with the wasted effort…; we live in the time of the PNAC, the Project for the New American Century. Here’s a primer: http://www.scriptonitedaily.com/2013/08/27/us-general-wesley-clark-war-on-syria-planned-in-1991-as-part-of-middle-east-land-grab/

Do watch the video clip of Wesley Clark’s talk.

Clark’s remarks (video) are from 2007, but of course, the policies have continued and have expanded throughout the Obama administration, with the same core members of PNAC and their advocates creating policy. And among them, of significant stature, Hillary Clinton.

These are the policies on offer at the national level, without alternative. In the words of Wesley Clark: “…it was a pretty stunning thing; you mean the purpose of the military is to start wars, to change governments; it’s not to deter conflict; we’re gonna invade countries and I, you know, my mind was spinning. And I put that aside; it was like a nugget that you hold onto: This country (the US) was taken over by a group of people with a policy coup.”

Are we concerned about this? As voters? Of course it’s ludicrous to be concerned about it. To be concerned about it is to believe that things matter, that anything matters. Pity the notion. The learned thing to do is to endorse violent insanity, with a vote. That’s what votes are for now!

I’m insufficiently educated, though, believing otherwise.

Smashing up the governments of Libya and Syria and arming our proxy armies (ISIS and it’s variants) to do it, well I’m just not able to jump on board. With the idea that war is peace, that wrong is right, that lie is truth, I’m not endorsing that. But I’m just dirty like that, riff raff. I don’t buy into the idea of forcing half the population of Syria, so far, to leave their country because we can’t contain our appetite for violent chaos, our “blood lust”: I refer to The Gorburger Show, the comic genius of TJ Miller: https://youtu.be/vFctG5-TKoM

Do watch it, perhaps the most informative commentary on American politics to be found anywhere.

Similarly, I’m not on board with the militarization of eastern europe, which, we’re told of course is not our fault but rather the fault of the demon Putin. Indeed it is Putin who is insane, certainly not the whole of the US political establishment, which pursues a policy that aims, among other things, at Russia handing over to NATO (to the US), it’s naval base on the Black Sea at Sevastopol, a strategic position Russia has held since before the United States existed.

But you know, that’s just me. I’m just not able to forget common sense ideas, and basic simple facts like this one: there is no conceivable scenario in which Russia, no matter who leads it, would agree to that, short of a Russian loss in a nuclear war in which a winner remains to claim it.

Perhaps I’m confused though. Either way, either as one among a horde of risible human scum, or as protest against, I’m not voting.


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