Understanding grows in the Interplay

Understanding grows, in an interplay between our techniques of narrowing focus, and the wider whole of an environment. Understanding is in the interplay between them, not in one or the other. This is true whether the wider environment is represented in imaginary space only, or also in digital space.

Understanding is revealed, progressively and slowly, in that interplay back and forth, between the wide (world, model), and the narrow (drawing), while these – and understanding itself – unfold, develop, and evolve, together.

New directions in media/technology offer new possibilities for expressing techniques of narrowing focus (“events”) in new ways within spatial digital environments (world, model). As these innovations evolve, they’ll amplify the interplay and improve understanding. See: www.tangerinefocus.com/roadmap

images by Mark O’Bryan
image by Mark O’Bryan


image by http://www.brocoloco.com


Your models are “fuzzy”, so need to be brought under control, through technique. https://dagsljus.wordpress.com/2015/11/01/your-models-are-fuzzy/

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