Let’s create the future of media

Hire me. Use my ideas and vision, and let’s create the future of media together. Very strong hints, stark indicators of the future of media, are just jumping up and down waiting to be found in the AEC industry (architecture, engineering, and construction).

The two primary media in play in AEC, drawings and models, are strong representatives, strong exhibits of two, fundamental, different, and inherently and necessarily intertwined, kinds of media. The fusion of these two kinds of media into the same digital space sets in motion their subsequent transformation and evolution, and points to the the future of media itself.

Applicability will come in AEC and well beyond it. Advancement will come in every domain using visual media for any purpose. The future of media will enable and extend human understanding, and further, will contribute to machine understanding.

…a new kind of medium for thinking, amplifying the interplay between wide and narrow, world and focus, creating cross-data-type continuities/correlations in a multi-media environment that may be fertile ground for cognitive systems.

Some further thoughts here:

Interplay, at the root of human cognition, the root of understanding

Your Models are Fuzzy

Two Progressions in Constant interplay 

About Rob Snyder

Progress always comes from the same thing: from discussion …sharing ideas, seeing their worth and building on them.

I’m looking for where and with whom to carry this work forward again. I need partners, a company that wants to lead and pioneer, that believes in possibility (you have to believe in it before it’s realized), particularly possibilities that are so clearly ready at hand. A frontier beckons with the tremendous promise, that will both follow from, and inform, the future of media.

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Version 3
painting by rob snyder, acrylic and oil on vellum, “…becoming”

about rob snyder: I conceived of and brought the idea of displaying construction drawings in-situ automatically within models (using drawings as a focusing, sense-making device/technique within digital modeling environments), to a CAD development company (Bentley Systems), and participated in the design of the concept’s development and implementation in commercial software (MicroStation). This was introduced, as the so-called “hypermodeling” concept, in the CAD software, MicroStation, in 2012.

This of  course only just barely opens the door (but at least finds the door) to new possibilities. Taking the act and technique of narrowing focus, as it is expressed through conventional technique  (like drawing), and learning from this, and then recognizing the possibility of expressing new methods of narrowing focus, and doing so in-situ WITHIN multi-media information environments (rather than just abstracted from them), points a way forward to the future of media itself, a future built on a recognition of the twin needs: the wide environment and the narrow graspable abstraction making sense of it, and the expression of both of those intertwined within the same space. This fusion may amplify the interplay between wide and narrow, between world and focus, between model and “drawing”, an interplay that seems at or near the root of human understanding.

If such media environments do become well developed (this is a field ripe for innovation and commercialization) and are well exercised with human interaction, then they are likely to be rich with cross data type correlations that are not easily discovered otherwise. So these environments could become interesting and fertile ground for cognitive systems (human or machine) parsing them for whatever purpose.

Your Models are Fuzzy

Two Progressions in Constant interplay 

Some of the early beginnings, just cracking the door open:


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