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The term “BIM” confuses. I find the word unsatisfactory, practically and linguistically.

The semantic problem will be solved though, because words that aren’t satisfactory simply don’t last. When people try to create a word for something that hasn’t earned a word, eventually that will fall away. There are other cases though where things do earn a word; they do have wordness; they’re worth a word, but the word can struggle for discovery for a very long time.

Take movies. “Movie”, after all this time, is the best we’ve come up with. That’s funny.

Movies are photos on a reel and so showing movement. So they’re called “movies”. Is that a good word?

We’ve tried, and still use some other words for movie, like “film”.

“That’s a great film!” Is film a good word? What are photos? Lights? Things showing light?, on a film? Photos are light exposed on “film”. Even…

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