The Future of Media

What is the future of media?

We have the opportunity to lead and shape that future by looking closely at the two media in our industry, drawings and models, recognizing what they are, and projecting from that to what they naturally will become.

On this blog (now in it’s 4th year!) I write about various aspects of this that appeal to me, but I get best to the point in this post:

I’m available (for hire, partner, startup), searching for where, how, and with whom to work together to make this happen.  Contact me! 


Media has a future. Future developments in media point to more fertile ground for cognitive systems:

…a new kind of medium for thinking, amplifying the interplay between wide and narrow, world and focus, creating cross-data type continuities/correlations in a multi-media environment that may be fertile ground for cognitive systems.

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about rob snyder: I conceived of and brought the idea of displaying construction drawings in-situ automatically within models (using drawings as a focusing, sense-making device/technique within digital modeling environments), to a CAD development company (Bentley Systems), and participated in the design of the concept’s development and implementation in commercial software (MicroStation). This was introduced, as the so-called “hypermodeling” concept, in the CAD software, MicroStation, in 2012.

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  1. Tom Foster says:

    Grab this bright spark while he’s free!

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