Happy Thanksgiving

I saw this video today. It’s great. People expressing their feelings. And with historical memory too:

There was a conversation about this on Facebook. Someone suggested we rename Columbus to Confucius  (because, unlike Confucius, “Columbus” was confused). Of course we already did rename Columbus. His name was not Columbus. His name was Colon. Cristobal Colon.

It is interesting that the view of Colon (Columbus) in Mexico is different. Of course Colon never made it further west beyond what is now the Dominican Republic, and it was Cortez who landed in Mexico. The landing of Cortez, at what Cortez himself named Vera Cruz (True Cross) in 1519, began 500 years of race-mixing in Mexico.

60% of Mexicans today are “mixed race” (mestizo) native american and european. 30 percent of Mexicans are unmixed native american. 9 percent are unmixed European ancestry. So, 90% of Mexicans are either mixed race or fully (unmixed) native american. There are 6 million living Maya today (no; they did not mysteriously drop off the face of the earth). 500 years after the conquest, there are still populations of people in Mexico who don’t speak Spanish.

Generally speaking, attitudes in Mexico about Colon and Cortez are complex and maybe can be best (though partially) understood through an image: http://www.panix.com/~clay/currency/Mexico-P93a.jpg  See the dual death, dual-impale-death-dance on the back of the 50,000 peso note. This paper bill was in use when I first started frequent visits to Mexico City in 1991 (a few years before the 0.001 peso reset)

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 12.20.57 AM

I think you’d be right to detect sexual overtones in that image. So it’s not only a death dance. In any case, all of this may be too much for the puritanical, for the less mestizo-oriented, too much for those from up north, those who have a radically different view, a puritan and racist view, not a sexual world-view but instead a genocidal view, a puritan and racist and mass murdering view, a kill-em-all view, with those surviving left in concentration (reservation) camps.

AS FOR ME, if it’s between a puritan sectarianism and a sexual view, I’ll take the sexual view, every time.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 1.17.18 AM

The impaling is at the same time the end of both and the birth of something new.

The Mexican mind knows this. And this is the Catholic view.


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