How do we understand models, when creating, sharing, delivering, and using them?

I’m proud of what we worked on (<<click link) while I worked at Bentley Systems. It’s based on an idea. Drawings and models are two different kinds of things that always go hand in hand and are intertwined:

  • Models are environments (or worlds). Models are expansive, widening.

There are two progressions (not one, as is often believed):

  1. (imaginary models)|—>>(BIM)|—>>(the future of modeling)
  2. (hand drawing)|—>>(CAD)|—>>(the future of “drawing”)

Because the purpose of 2 is the understanding of 1, the two progressions are intertwined. Further, note that nothing is discarded or left behind as one thing springs forward from another. Rather, everything comes along.

Recognizing that models have a past and drawing has a future, gives us a space where we can remember what drawing is, not what it looks like, but what it’s for, what it does, and some glimpse into how it does it. Seeing this, we can see a future of “drawing,” in models. There, diverse new forms or types of “drawing” will act to narrow down and focus, to clarify and provide understanding, of what otherwise is opaque. The sum of this will be a new medium for thinking, understanding, developing, and communicating.

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