Year in Infrastructure 2014

I’ll be speaking at the Year in Infrastructure Conference, November 5th in London. Here’s the abstract of my session:

Focus Devices in Hybrid Data Supporting Informed Action on the Job Site

Today’s models are hybridized combinations of various media types. This brings greater richness and complexity. To remain meaningful, and in support of informed action on the job site, a whole range of different kinds of focusing devices within hybrids are proposed, that show people where to look, what matters, and what to understand and do. The development of focus within hybrid data may contribute to the future of AEC information systems. Further, for owner operators, information systems that accumulate both data and focus may lead to qualitative improvement in open-domain query of asset information systems.

Drawings by Mark O’Bryan, Architect


Agenda for our forum:


And for the conference:

Drawings by Mark O’Bryan, Architect. The presentation will include this work by Mark O’Bryan, recently presented at the Design Communications Conference 2014 and in our paper, here: 

The paper is also online in the conference proceedings, page 300-305:

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