modeling in thoughtspace

Here’s that new video I promised showing a simple example of a next step (plus examples of the buttons to push to see what you’re looking at)   (with music mix! )

Here’s a tutorial:

The purpose of spatial information is to be a space within which people can show others what to look at and do, and in turn for people to be able to show what they see, what they are doing, and what they did.

That’s an accumulative information environment that supports, within itself, real work in the form of actionable, intelligible communications and meaningful asset awareness, an information environment as a place where we can think, communicate, focus, clarify, instruct, direct, affirm, understand, decide, act.

BUT, we have to build that environment, while we do that. We don’t build the environment first, and then communicate within it. And we don’t communicate without an environment. We do both at the same time.

This video shows what that can look like near the beginning of a project, where both the communications, and the environment, are undeveloped, or just beginning.


More here:

…accidentally played Joe Bischoff’s music and my narrated video at the same time. Thank you Joe Bischoff and bumsonmyporch for the mix, which makes my narration so much more interesting

…bringing focus to information while creating information

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