MAKE Hypermodel

The beginning of some hypermodel experimentations with MAKE…

Thank you and credits to MAKE

Bentley’s “hypermodel”, introduced in 2012, represents a GENERAL idea (that):

  • an author provides the focus, clarity, instruction, and affirmation needed within the spatial information environment to show, clarify, instruct, and affirm what should be seen or done.

In the past, focused, clear, instructive affirmation was achieved through drawing. Today the idea remains valid as ever and can and should be expressed within any kind of spatial information environment (model, point cloud, photo, hybrid). In the future, focused, clear, instructive affirmation will be achieved using many new techniques that are up to us (all of us) to invent. We’ve just started. But what matters is the idea that starts it: spatial information needs focus, clarity, instruction, and affirmation to make it intelligible and useful. What precisely it means to express that intelligibility is our job (and yours) to discover, invent.

Generally speaking, a model is a space within which people communicate, where people show each other what to see and do… That’s what matters; it’s what makes a model useful. A model need not be an idealized perfection and totality of information, which only burdens people with information overload and information omission uncertainty anyway. Instead, a model is a place where communication happens. Where communication is formulated, delivered, and understood. This can be a messy place, like the real world, messy, but very useful.

Let’s get on with real work, real usefulness, in the real world, and stop crashing onto the rocks following the siren call of the perfection and totality of information.

Hypermodeling allows you to get to the focused communication right away, from the beginning of design, through construction and operations. It puts the focus where it should be: on communicating what matters, in a way that is clear and instructive. With hypermodeling, you develop models to the extent they’re useful in revealing clear and instructive communications, bringing the needed focus, clarity, instruction and affirmation (which had been missing in BIM), into the spatial information environment, into the model, into the point cloud, into the hybrid.

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12-09-2013 15-00-50

Note the same technique applied in point clouds (and in point cloud / model hybrid environments): 

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