intelligible information environments

This youtube recording is a presentation of recent research work from Bentley‘s applied research group, with thoughts on Bentley’s hypermodel and the research we are doing extending it.

Hypermodel presents new techniques (that have been missing from BIM tools) that enable you to focus, clarify, instruct, and affirm, within complex information environments. This is an important capability in AEC as we confront always the twin burdens: information overload and information omission uncertainty.

There is a summary of the presentation below the image. Please click on the image to start the presentation.

click on image for video presentation


Models alone are not enough. Models present twin burdens, often rendering them practically indecipherable: information overload and omission uncertainty. To correct this, models will need to be better equipped. 

Models (modeled or captured) need to be made intelligible, with techniques that:

  1. Narrow Focus, from everywhere to somewhere specific (here, and here, and so on)
  2. Clarify, with visual transformations (like filtering and clipping, and others)
  3. Instruct, with commentary (authored by those authorized to make instructive commentary), and
  4. Affirm, that (here) where I have narrowed focus, clarified, and instructed, omission uncertainty is resolved by my affirmation that what should be here, is here.

With the twin doubts information overload and omission uncertainty resolved, and our sight clear in an intelligible information environment, we better understand our design as we design. and later, in construction and operation, we deliver intelligibility, through focus, clarity, instruction, and affirmation. This is a concept that can be generalized and extended for many other types of data and for captured and hybrid environments, with innovation space now open to new techniques of intelligibility within these environments.

More information on this work at Stephane Cote’s blog:

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  1. An increasing need for sense-making techniques, as the complexity of any information environment increases…

  2. says:

    Some of this stuff is just too cool, Mr. Snyder… Can you say movie magic? 😉

    Steve Cocchi

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