Get this bus out of first gear


That’s an old bus, and worse stuck in first gear.

Kind of like BIM.

Here’s a question:

Do you think there are certain locations within a BIM (model) that are critical? Locations where people should look, specifically, to understand something essential or important? Locations, for example, at which a designer (architect or engineer) has pointed something out, and has even had something specific to say?

Is this not in fact exactly what the act of producing a set of drawings is?

Does an architect or engineer not say, “hey, please look at this location (which I have drawn), and look at what is going on here, and please look at what I have to say about that.” (?)

The answer is yes. This is exactly what drawings do.

BIMs (models) are stuck in first gear when they don’t express that. The drawings (directive statements) of a document set need to be expressed in-situ, in the model.

Bentley invented that in 2012 and makes it automatic.……

The AEC industry needs to go much further than this though.  The industry well and truly needs both (1) innovation in communication media, and (2) a fresh evaluation of just what is the nature and actual content of AEC communication. These two inquiries should be undertaken together.

Hypermodel is a start, bringing the idea (from drawings) of directiveness into models, transforming modeled (or captured) environments into “directive environments”. But this won’t stop at vector models.…

And it by no means should be thought of as the last of the kinds of directives that can be expressed in an environment. Both environmental development, and the development of directiveness within those environments – these signal a frontier. We are at the beginning.

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