Directive Environments (point cloud)

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Directive Environments need not be constrained to vector environments only. Directives may be present within any kind of environmental media, and within any combinations of environmental media.

The following examples put directive statements (“look at this, and do this.”) within combinant environments composed of point clouds and (data-rich) vector models.









markup hybrid-focus-on-focus-01



more here:

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  1. Paul Tice says:

    Thanks for sharing this possibility – Hypermodeling combined with point clouds. I will be a trainer for animation/point cloud applications in May at the Be Together Conference and would like to connect with you to talk more about your research!

  2. Thank you Paul. I look forward to meeting you at Bentley LEARNing (formerly BE Together) in Philly, and thank you so much for your interest.

    Making point clouds directive by infusing drawings and vector models into them at statement nodes is current capability in V8i SELECTseries3.

    But more importantly, if you see this as something you’ll use often (my guess is that it will be the norm), there are so many things we could do to enhance this, and also extend it.

    I look forward to all your ideas on how to use this.

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