Of course everyone knows very well about the practical demise of hand drawn technical illustration over the last 30 years.

But, what if this were cyclical? Or better, what if software is now finally beginning a period of maturity – what if it reaches a state mature enough not to replace and make prior forms obsolete, but to see prior forms, recognize and incorporate them, and make them more powerful and relevant than they were before.

It’s just an idea. I tried it out, and I think its promising. The system aligns digital technical drawings into modeled (or captured) environments. So what would happen if you aligned hand-drawn illustration (technical or otherwise artistically expressive) into modeled or captured environments? What would happen to the environment, and what would happen to the illustrations?

Some talented people need to try this out and see what happens. I’ve tried it, and I LIKE IT. And I think the idea that hand drawing becomes relevant again, in new ways, is an idea that will appeal to a lot of people, doing a lot of different kinds of work.

This system is open to environments of many types (including point clouds, for example, and geometry in many formats)

But its also open to many kinds of drawing. It reaches out and includes hand drawn drawings and illustrations of any kind, and aligns them on demand into the modeled environment – in the same way I show in the demo videos. The difference would be that instead of seeing digital drawings showing up in the model – hand drawings would show up there to transform the environment, while being transformed by the environment.

It looks like we may have some kind people willing to put this idea to the test.

Stay tuned! 

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